Youth Speaker's Coach

All of the Cohort recordings from 2014/2015

Ready to take your preaching skills to the next level? Here are all 8 trainings from the Cohort 2014/2015. Simply follow the links below to download:

September 2014 – Do’s & Don’ts of Communicating to Students (Master Class with Eric Woods

October 2014 – Message Outline & Structure (Brad Tate)

November 2014 – Youth Ministry & Star Wars (Interview with Nancy Duarte) 

December 2014 – Developing a One Theme Message (Matt Maiberger)

January 2015 – Blocking, Movement, & Gestures (Matt Maiberger)

February 2015 – Storytelling (Brad Tate)

March 2015 – How to Write an Amazing Message (Master Class with Jeremy Kingsley)

April 2015 – Humor, Jokes, & Stand-Up (Brad Tate)

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