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How to Increase your Income, Influence, and IMPACT as a Youth Pastor [Part 3]

Take a moment to think about the most impactful youth speaker you have ever heard. What was it that made their message so impactful to you or your students?

When you make the decision to begin speaking to students professionally, not only to you increase your cash flow and enlarge your influence, but you increase your impact as a youth pastor within your own student ministry and outside of your local church.


A funny thing happens to you as a communicator when you begin preaching at outside speaking engagements and get paid for it: Your preaching skills improve with your own youth group as well. You begin to become unsettled with simply throwing a message together for your own students at the 11th hour. Your ability to grab and keep the attention of your own teens improves and you find that your messages are having greater impact within the four walls of your own youth room.

A full-time youth pastor/part-time youth speaker who recently completed a year of one-on-one communication coaching commented:

I thought I was a pretty good storyteller at the beginning; but, I realized there was a much more effective way of helping my students experience the story through their senses… I started to have some of my students coming up to me and saying, ‘You’re teaching different now than you used to. I like it better.’


As you begin to travel to other churches, youth groups, and events in your region of the country, you’re impact, both geographically and numerically, naturally begins to increase. It’s one thing to share a powerful message with your own youth group and impact forty or fifty students. It’s a completely different level of impact to share that same message with hundreds of students at numerous events in your region or even across the country.

Sharper preaching skills + a clearer and stronger message + greater reach = MORE IMPACT.


Let’s connect for a FREE, 30-minute Youth Speaking Breakthrough coaching session, and realistically evaluate where you are at as a speaker. During this session we’ll work together to:

=> Create a crystal clear vision outlining the type of impact you’d like to have when you speak to students and the level of speaking fees you would like to command when you are booked to speak at an event.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your speaking business and hindering your impact when you communicate to students.

=> You will leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to grow as a youth communicator from “good to great!”

CLICK HERE to register for your FREE coaching session.


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