Youth Speaker's Coach

Youth Speaking Ninja

“This book should be required reading for every youth pastor!”

-Dewayne Moree – Youth Ministry Coaching Network

“Great book with helpful tips & tactics on communication skills… Definitely one for the personal library.”

Josh – Verified Review

Put on your black morph suit, grab your throwing stars and get out your Post-it notes. Upon reading this book, you will learn:

-The 10-step, ninja-process of developing and delivering messages that connect with students.

-How to connect with students EVERY time you get up to speak.

-The youth speaking ninja process for accurately exegeting scripture.

-How to discover and deliver relevant illustrations for students.

-How to strategically avoid the pitfalls that most youth speakers fall into when communicating to students.

-Over 50 practical youth speaking ninja tips, tricks, tools and secrets to becoming a more effective communicator.

-And much, much more!

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